Woodwind instruments take many forms, but all create music by causing air to vibrate within a given area.

There are two major types of woodwind instruments: those that are flutes, which vibrate air in a given space, and those that use a reed, or small piece of wood, to vibrate the air to create the note.

Flutes are the more basic of the two designs and require only a length of hollow material and a way of moving air inside. This can be accomplished by blowing air into it, or by blowing air across a mouthpiece to create movement of the air inside. This makes flute very easy to improvise.

Flutes come in a number of varieties beyond what many think of as the traditional flute, which is more precisely called a Western concert flute. In a typical orchestra, one will also find piccolos, a smaller variant of the flute.
The flute design is very common around the world.

The other group of instruments in the woodwind family are reed instruments. These instruments make music when the musician blows on a reed (in some instruments there are two), which then causes the air in a chamber to vibrate. The air then escapes through holes to create a certain note.

Instruments such as the clarinet and saxophone are single-reed instruments, while the oboe is a double-reed instrument. Also under the classification of double-reed instruments are bagpipes. These instruments, along with string instruments, now form the core of many modern orchestras.

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John Morris

Drums & Saxophone | Available - Tues & Fri

John's professional music career spans 4 decades and has seen John perform in various contemporary bands as a professional musician from the 1970s through to the present day. He is the director of the Australian Academy of Music and is also our head repair technician.

His love of music is the driving force behind his innovative teaching techniques, resulting in students being fast tracked to playing songs in a very short period of time. Technical aspects of playing, note reading and exam preparation are other strong point of Johns teaching style.

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Megan Kendrick

Sax, Clarinet & flute , Vocal, Piano | Available - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Megan has been involved in music since she could hold an instrument. After learning woodwind she moved to voice and discovered her true love of music.

Even before completely her Bachelor of Music she started to teach and share her love of music. Megan believes that every student should feel comfortable and should never feel pressured to do anything they don’t want to. If a student feels comfortable and accepted then their learning will be more enjoyable and have the opportunity to excel easier. 

Megan has been teaching for 5 years however has experience will all styles, genres and ensemble types. 

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