Music theory is all about trying to understand how existing music works and how new music could or should be organized. Someone who makes a special study of music theory is a music theorist. The earliest known example of musical notation was dated to around 1,800 B.C, found on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia. 

Today people who want to compose will study music theory. In a conservatory program, they might study harmony and counterpoint as well as form; in other programs, they will not spend so much time on the theories of the past. They will be taught “rules”. These rules are not laws, they simply mean: the way that most great composers wrote music in the past. These rules describe what composers of the past did, rather than telling composers of today what to do -- in fact, music composed today can have completely different rules than the music of the past.

Music theory is important for people who perform music because all these things help people to understand the music they are playing.

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Rita Fiorello

Piano, Guitar, Accordion & Theory | Available - Tues, Weds & Thurs

Rita teaches piano, guitar, theory and piano accordion to children and adults.


Rita has been teaching at the Australian Academy of Music for over six years and has been a teacher for over 40 years. She believes that there is no progress without practice and believes in building a strong foundation of music knowledge and technical skills. This will lead to the student musician achieving all their goals.

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Coral Keogh

Piano, Flute Theory | Available - Thurs

Coral started learning piano at age 8.
She passed her grade 8 at age 11 and was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music, London junior exhibitioner programme at age 13. She started learning flute at age 11 and quickly progressed to grade 6.

On leaving school she was awarded a scholarship to study at Trinity College of Music, London, but soon decided to pursue a different career.

After the birth of her children, she completed a diploma of music through the Open University UK and continued teaching the piano to old and young alike. As her family grew up, she taught recorder at primary school level, keyboard in small groups through the Croydon school of music, UK, and she played in church. She also visited pre-school groups to run music programmes and she learnt clarinet.

More recently, she has formed a church band which performs much celtic and light folk music. She has been able to utilise her flute skills here as well as her piano. She has also been successful in arranging and composing small pieces for this band, which she is thoroughly enjoying.

She performs at weddings and parties and accompanies soloists, groups and choirs for concerts and exams.

She believes that good technical habits are best learnt from the outset, and that the secret to success if practice and more practice.

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