The drums are one of the world’s oldest instruments, and as it is classed as a membrane (vibrations caused by a stretched surface) it has carried the same traditional shape for thousands of years. With the Modern shape of drum kit being formed during the 1930s. The average drum sets having 5 pieces – bass drum, snare drum, two toms, and floor tom. Several cymbals are also used (crash, hi-hat and ride).

Drumming is known to be one of the best forms of exercise and drummers have to use all four of their limbs to play different drums. In half an hour of drumming you can burn more calories than the equivalent of cycling, hiking, or weight lifting! Viola Smith is one of the world’s most famous female drummers. She is 104 years old and claims that playing the drums contributed to her longevity. She is also Zildjian’s longest running endorser!

To book in, or for extra information, please call us on (07) 3889 9400 or drop in and see us at 302 South Pine Road, Brendale.

Sam Castan

Drums: Thursday and Saturday

Sam has gained many of the skills and drive he has for music through his own gigging life. Playing with incredible local and international talents such as Graeme Norris, Nick Hempton, Dale Barlow and Wil Sargisson helped fuel and inspire his passion.

Since completing his degree at the Jazz Music Institute, along with a Diploma, Sam has been working as a teacher at several music studios where he has discovered a love for sharing knowledge with his students. Sam’s experience with students from the age of five through to adults has given him a great understanding of each student’s unique tastes and requirements, so he prepares and tailors each lesson to suit the individual student.

As a teacher, his goal is to share with and encourage a passion for music in his students.

Alex Kosenko

Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Uke, Drums: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat

Alex is a Musician, Songwriter and Performer from Brisbane. He has a Certificate 3 in Music Industry and has been performing all over Australia for the past 2 Years. When Alex picked up the guitar at 9 he was taught at the Australian Academy of Music and found his passion. In his graduating year at school he was awarded the Head of Music, Head of Music Extension and Juble Award for Performance.

In 2017 he began teaching privately to students of all ages and ability, striving to better their technique, understanding and inspire them in their musical travels. His teaching focus is to help students learn in a positive and enjoyable learning environment so they can achieve their goals.

Karl Keelaghan

Bass, Guitar & Drums | Available -Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Karl is a well rounded musician & music teacher with a passion for all styles of music. Starting out with Guitar and Drums at an early age and then later developing a long interest in Bass, Karl has kept an open approach to music and teaching. He has taught group and private lessons in Ireland and at Yamaha music school in the UK as well as mentoring at student workshops and performing at school concerts. 


With an upbringing in Sri Lanka, Ireland and the UK he has developed an ear for all types of music and is always keen to blend genres and styles. He is a fan of creating music and is particularly interested in Funk, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Currently he is playing in a funk/covers band and is continuously seeking new and exciting musical projects.


Karl is passionate about helping his students to play music to their best ability and get them out into the music world. Whether it is creating, recording or gigging, or simply finding the right musical instrument, he offers a broad range of skills.

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Dominic Machen

Drums | Available - Wed

Dom is a passionate musician, composer, and educator who performs professionally around Brisbane. After picking up drums at the age of 10, he hasn’t looked back and is continuing to grow his craft. He is currently
undertaking a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, majoring in jazz drums.

Dom is always seeking ways to push boundaries and develop his own unique personality on the drums. With emphasis on negotiated learning, Dom strives to achieve great results from his students, always having their goals and individual learning styles in mind.
He enjoys sharing his musical knowledge and enthusiasm with others and watching his students reach their potential.

Grahame Gauder

Drums | Available - Monday, Tuesday, Saturday

Grahame is a Darwin-born musician with 13 years of experience teaching guitar,drums and bass, and has studied music at Charles Darwin University.Specialising in guitar, drums and songwriting, he has been schooled in jazz,classical, blues, and funk by internationally renowned musicians Francis Diatschenko and Stephan Bulmer. Moving to Western Australia in 2004,Grahame undertook further study in performance and sound engineering and is continuing his studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Playing in live bands since 1998, Grahame has a wealth of experience performing live at festivals as a folk guitarist to pop singer, Metal drumer and  funk basist

Bree Ryan

Drums | Available - Friday

Bree is driven by her love of music, she hopes to share her passion for making music with her students and to support them during their own musical journey.

Her comittment to music that has seen her constantly performing and learning. Bree is currently studying to complete her grade 7 AMEB Rockschool exam and performing in several bands as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist.

Ben Mackay

Guitar, Bass & Drums | Available - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

Ben ‘beneb’ Mackay picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and has been on a musical journey ever since. Now at the age of 27, Ben has toured the country relentlessly in pursuit of his passion to entertain and experience music to his fullest. Ben has played all roles in the rock band setting and does session work for touring and locals artists as a bass player, drummer and front man and more recently has been contracted as a songwriter seeing many of his original and collaborative efforts played on local, national and international radio stations such as Triple J and Brisbane’s 4zzz. 

Ben has completed a Diploma of Music at Southbank Institute of Tafe, Certificate 4 in New Small Business and is currently deferred from a Bachelor of Business at QUT due to his music demanding more attention. Ben has been teaching privately and publicly for 6 years.

Ben offers his brand of music tuition and coaching in musical performance with a heavy focus on using and training your ears, to play what you hear and connect emotionally. This was the method of Ben’s first attempts at learning guitar and experiencing a connection with music. Theory will be taught through accompanying workbooks and personally made resources as it is necessary and important to learn, but can be a huge deterrent and struggle to any beginner. Ben will be accommodating, accepting and patient with all personalities, as he is passionate about seeing results in his student’s progression and musical journey.

John Morris

Drums & Sax | Available - Tuesday, Friday

John's professional music career spans 4 decades and has seen John perform in various contemporary bands as a professional musician from the 1970s through to the present day. He is the director of the Australian Academy of Music and is also our head repair technician.His love of music is the driving force behind his innovative teaching techniques, resulting in students being fast tracked to playing songs in a very short period of time. Technical aspects of playing, note reading and exam preparation are other strong point of Johns teaching style.

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