Pine Rivers Show Highlights

What a wonderful weekend we had at the Pine Rivers Show! 

Friday morning kicked off with the school band, choir and strings competition with around 1500 school children and 50 school ensembles over three stages, we had a very busy morning indeed. Congratulations to all the students on such great performances.

Friday night was jam packed with great performances with student bands 27 Dust, Fours a Crowd and solo performer Simon Knowles and Pro Bands Freedom and Trashqueen.

Saturday night highlights were amazing performances by duo Vardu, Freedom and The Brothers 6 band with special guest guitarist Jacob Byrne. Rounding off the night with fireworks blazing overhead was adult student band Cobalt joined by Peter Kenward on vocals.


2017 represented a huge milestone for us as we celebrated our 50th year since the opening of our first store in Spring Hill.

The show was held at the iconic Triffid in New Stead. It started with a musical introduction from the Morris Family band which showed just how musically talented that whole family is. This was followed by the students showcase which gave students a chance to have their first big performance in front of an audience of over 300 people.

We also saw performances from ‘Brothers Band’. These guys carried the energy up and gave a lot of students a great yard stick to reach towards. We even managed to snag the late Phil Emmanuel, Tim Gaze,Chris Gilbert and Jon Carson to perform at the once in a lifetime show!

The whole event was a celebration of music, of community and of growth.




Mitchell Morris not only works in our onsite repairs facility, but alongside his partner Layne they craft beautiful guitars and instruments as well as amplifiers.
Check out their website and come in store to see their line of sustainable guitars handmade from recycled Queenslander house timbers in the aPurla showroom. 


apurla guitar range (image by capturt)
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Bittersweet Symphony

AAM Celebrates 50 years in style at the Triffid!